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Believed to contain the power of the sun and earth, tiger's eye can translate pure energy into material success. The ancient Egyptians used it for amulets to transmit the power of the Sun God, Ra. Tiger's eye is also associated with the tiger, in eastern philosophy, the king of animals. Roman soliders, according to legend, carried tiger's eye into battle to retain their bravery.

Tiger's eye is an effective healing stone for bronchial problems, asthma, headaches and migraines. It is effective in lifting drepession and promoting concentration. In addition, it helps reduce cravings for excess food, tobacco, alcohol, or other stimulants.

Astologically, tiger's eye is associated with Virgo and Leo.

Moonlit Waters jewelry incorporating tiger eye includes:

Fire of Brighit Pele's Vitality Evergreen Daydreams
Fire of Brighit
Pele's Vitality
Visions of the Oracle
Evergreen Daydreams
Tiger's Eye
Tiger's Eye
Tiger's Eye
Tiger's Eye