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Though Beryl is a classification type and the multitude of its colored group have their own names, it is listed here to give more general information. Pure beryl is colorless (called goshenite), though impurities can cause the stone to become red (bixbite), green (emerald), blue-green (aquamarines), yellow-green (heliodor), and pink (morganite).

Originating in Mesopotamia, ancient Hebrews worshipped Beryl believing it to strengthen their faith in God. The Greeks used Beryl to create the first eye spectacles, due to the high light refraction.

Associated with love, Beryl is used to protect martial feelings, promote cheerfulness and treat disorders of the heart. It is also used to help stomach pains, bowel problems, nervous excitement, stress, and can detoxify the body.

Astrologically, beryl is associated with Gemini.

Moonlit Waters jewelry incorporating Beryl includes:

Ocean Wave
Ocean Wave
Golden Beryl
Blue Beryl
Red Beryl