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Blue lace, moss, tree, crazy lace, dendritic, fire, botswana, and red agate are a few of the various forms in which agate develops.

Once the stone Egyptians used to make their famous scarabs, is believed to have derived its name from the Achates river in Sicily. Agate is deeply rooted in Islamic tradition, having been used by Persian Magi to prevent lightening and thunder storms, promote eloquence, favorably influence rich and powerful people, and defeat enemies. Blue lace agate is sometimes associated with the Virgin Mary, and thus motherhood. Therefore, agate has been recommended for use during pregnancy to reduce discomforts and prevent miscarriages. In addition, agate have been used to treat skin problems, headaches, and fevers (if applied to the throat or heart chakra). Agate should have direct skin contact for maximum healing effect.

Astrologically, agate is recommended for Taurus and Capricorns.

Moonlit Waters jewelry incorporating agate includes:

Visions of the Oracle
Cookies and Cream
Visions of the Oracle
Cookies n' Cream
Blue Lace Agate
Pink Agate
red agate